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This is our walk-through X-perience Center. All the steps are outlined from start to finish. Kindly contact our customer care via the chatbot or directly message us on Whatsapp: +1(914)600-2179 .

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STEP 1: Sign Up FIRST.

How to Sign up?

Visit our signup page and input all details into relevant columns and voila!

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What Next?

After you finish the sign up and verification process, next is to update your dashboard. Visit your dashboard and update the relevant columns accordingly. Endeavour to signup with valid details and referral username if referred by anybody, else leave the referal column empty

MORE QUESTONS? WHATSAPP - +1(914)600-2179

After That?

After you finish the updating of your dashboard, now you have to set up your bitcoin account and buy some bitcoin to kickstart your investment process properly. How do you do this? Where do you do this? We have this covered in the couple of next steps.

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STEP 2: Get a Bitcoin Wallet.

What is a Wallet?

A Bitcoin wallet is simply just a digital wallet. It works like the wallet we all know. The only difference is that no one can steal this wallet from you if you secure it well. So just know that a bitcoin wallet is the wallet you keep your bitcoin. Unlike Banks, keeping your money in bitcoin wallets is totally free. No one would chare you for card maintenance or for debit alerts or for anything. No impromptu surcharges. FREE to save.

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How Do You Get This Wallet?

Goodnews! There are 3 Bitcoin wallets we recommend and ALL are totally FREE to get/download.

OPTION 1: Paxful Bitcoin Wallet.
It is 100% safe and the most used amongst traders in Nigeria locally.
For Android OS Users:
For iOS Users:

OPTION 2: Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet.
It is also 100% safe to store your bitcoin and is great for its user experience and interface.
For Android OS Users:
For iOS Users:

OPTION 3: Local Bitcoins Web.

This is the cheapest site for buying bitcoins near you with verified sellers. Just type www.localbitcoins.com and it will automatically detect your country and get bitcoin sellers closest to you for best prices.

NOTE: Kindly ask for assistance from your referral or from our support on WhatsApp before buying bitcoin if it is your first time and please do keep requesting for assistance and/or support until you have mastered the entire process of buying and selling fully. You can message our WhatsApp attendant(s) anytime, we pay them to keep you happy – they are your staff!

So immediately you download, sign up and create a verified account on any of them you choose to operate. Then Go Ahead to Purchase your bitcoin with help from our support or from your referral or from your State Ambassadors. You can choose to operate on one, two or all three so you master the system faster!

Your choice!

MORE QUESTONS? WHATSAPP - +1(914)600-2179


Aworeni O

Investplus is nothing short of awesome. great leader in my state, interest rate, customer service is top-notch. Lol. I am humbled at the things I didn’t know about crypto. I recommend them to everyone to join and please use my name as referral so your girl gets small BTC.

Posted on Wednesday, 3rd of may 2019 by 05:00 PM


Kindly contact our customer care via the chatbot or directly message us on Whatsapp: +1(914)600-2179 .

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We’re investplusng, a financial service that makes it fast, safe and fun to invest and earn digital currency, anywhere in the world. We believe that the future of money is one where we, the people, are in control of our own economy. A future where there’s no place for middle-men, hidden fees and fine print. To deliver on that promise, we work every day to create the simplest bitcoin investment service out there - spoken in a language you can understand, and backed by customer service you can count on.

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Founded in June of 2019, investplusng is a digital currency investment platform where anyone can invest in new digital currencies like bitcoin, directly or indirectly and make upto 25% profit in maximum of 15days. we engage in bitcoin arbitrage trading and investments to ensure this percentages are actualizable. Bitcoin is the world's most widely used alternative currency with a total market cap of over $100 billion. The bitcoin network is made up of thousands of computers run by individuals all over the world.

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