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With zero knowledge and absolutely no expertise, invest directly into the blockchain dynamics using our exact setups or use your own setup (if you have a better strategy) and earn upto 10%-25% interest in 15days. No penalties. No fees. Absolutely free. *Note that using your personal analysis and predictions means we are not entitled to bearing your losses neither are any of our partners.

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Flexible Investment Plans.

Periodic Investments

Your temptations stand no chance. This plan allows you to invest daily, weekly or monthly and still earn upto 10-25% interest on each investment. Suitable for day traders.


Life Goals

Kickstart a long term investment commitment to a goal you want to achieve, and we make it happen. Directly invest your capital and earn accumulated returns.


Invest As You Earn

It’s your money, invest it when you want to. Any amount, anytime and still earn 10-25% profit on each investment. Suitable for small investors and old horses alike.


Fixed Savings

Got a lump sum of money that deserves better than sitting in a bank account? Fix money for 3 months or more and earn accumulated returns of 10-25% profit each 15days.


Better interest than all plans

Direct Investment is an InvestPlus featured plan that allows users invest directly into the blockchain dynamics using our beginners blueprint that is guaranteed to bring in at least 10%-25% for the lock-in period. However, it is limited to just 50-50 liability share between the company and the client. We know the markets and are very professional. Our payment processors are PCIDSS compliant to ensure optimum security of your data electronically.

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Create an investment circle

Contribute and invite friends to invest with you towards achieving goals. On maturity, circle creator withdraws all funds for collection. Nudge and challenge friends into getting better at investing money. All members of the circle have access to their returns at the end of the investment Cycle. Also join our workshop to learn how group investment could benefit you.

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Azeez M

“Before now i couldn’t track my expenses and know how my salary was spent but with investplusng i have budgeted my income and currently Investing for my new car. i truly recommend investplus to everyone to invest better“

Posted on Wednesday, 3rd of may 2019 by 05:00 PM

Insightful investment tips

Our guides let you in on the best answers to life-changing bitcoin trading and investment questions that actually matter to your everyday investments. With just one account, you can invest in two different ways. How about that?

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* Who We Are:

We’re investplusng, a financial service that makes it fast, safe and fun to invest and earn digital currency, anywhere in the world. We believe that the future of money is one where we, the people, are in control of our own economy. A future where there’s no place for middle-men, hidden fees and fine print. To deliver on that promise, we work every day to create the simplest bitcoin investment service out there - spoken in a language you can understand, and backed by customer service you can count on.

Everything that’s good is built on strong values. We call these the investplus DNA.

* In Brief:

Founded in June of 2019, investplusng is a digital currency investment platform where anyone can invest in new digital currencies like bitcoin, directly or indirectly and make upto 25% profit in maximum of 15days. we engage in bitcoin arbitrage trading and investments to ensure this percentages are actualizable. Bitcoin is the world's most widely used alternative currency with a total market cap of over $100 billion. The bitcoin network is made up of thousands of computers run by individuals all over the world.

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